Sol De La Mañana PB Washed

Caranavi, Bolivia

Hibiscus, milk chocolate, coconut, green apple



Sol De La Mañana PB Washed
This lot is comprised of Peaberries from members of the Sol de la Mañana (Sun of tomorrow) project. The project is run by the Rodriguez family’s export business, Agricafe. They have a wet mill in Caranavi and saw decreasing amounts of coffee production in the surrounding area over the years. The Sol de la Mañana project works with small producers around Caranavi to train and develop their coffee skills and access to new varietals, agronomy and materials. The result you can see now is that the Sol de la Mañana producers’ farms look obviously and immediately different to the neighbours who aren’t in the project. The traditional farms are mostly overgrown, with low coffee production and lots of problems. The ones in the project are neatly laid out with carefully maintained and selected plants which all look lush and healthy, with fantastic attention to selective picking and care in the harvest.

Most producers are tiny and peaberries only represent a tiny fraction of their production - maybe a few kilograms per year. So this lot was made by blending together peaberries from various producers to get a blend of a reasonable size for processing and exporting.

Normally, we would expect this kind of blend to lack the clear flavours you see in the single producer or single village lots, but on the cupping table we felt this lot really exceeded our expectations - a sign of just how consistently good the quality from all the producers in the project really is.