Limoncillo Red Bourbon


Apple pie, cake, brown sugar



Limoncillo Red Bourbon

This week we are going back to Nicaragua to the Limoncillo farm. This lot is a natural processed Red Bourbon. Several lots at the farm are planted with Bourbon. At the end of the day, the coffee cherries are taken to the dry mill Don Esteban, owned by the Mierisch family. Delivered cherries are weighed and checked for ripeness before going to the drying area. The drying is done on woven plastic mats, which sit on a layer of coffee parchment to protect them from water and the soil. In the evenings, cherries are collected into mounds and covered to stop the reabsorption of water overnight, then spread again in the morning. The QC team at the mill cups each lot and export lots are put together from this.

Enjoy the aroma of apple pie, mild acidity of red apples, cake like body and after taste of brown sugar and baking spices.

  • Farm/Mill: Finca El Limoncillo
  • Region: Matagalpa
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude:  1,200 masl
  • Harvest: January 2023
  • Roast Date: October 2023