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Kiwi Brands Gone Global

We love celebrating fellow Kiwi’s and their success in going global. Here are some sneak peeks into some our favourites, and the awesome things they are doing in order stay humble and true to their New Zealand roots - amongst all of the fame and glory.

Artwork: Fran Newman-Day


In 2013, my husband and I created Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter, whilst expecting our first child. Both lawyers at the time, we were burnt out and in the wake of becoming parents, we had an epiphany that we wanted, and needed, a change of lifestyle. We wanted to dedicate our time and energy to creating something meaningful, healthy and delicious.

We love that we make every jar of Fix & Fogg from start to finish, in our factory in Wellington; handmade by humans, who care about quality. From designing our labels, to carefully blending our peanut butter, we’re completely hands-on throughout the entire process. Our ‘nut buttery’ is located in one of Wellington’s iconic laneways, with a hole in the wall retail space for everything from goodies for home, to grab-and-go PB on toast, alongside a recycling station for your old jars.

We now sell in Australia, the Philippines and, at the beginning of the year, we made the leap to sell in the United States via Amazon.  Being in the small corner of the earth that is New Zealand (and having young children), we live vicariously through the travel of our peanut butter around the world.


In 2006, Rod Drury founded Xero with an aim to change the game for small businesses across the world, through beautiful and easy-to-use online accounting software.

For Rod, there was an obvious opportunity to create accounting software just as available as the rest of the consumer web, and so Xero was born. Rod asked provocative questions that challenged the status quo – why can’t small businesses access their financial statement when they want them? How can the lives of small businesses and accountants be made easier? He now encourages the same way of thinking from our Xero employees, to ensure our company grows and innovates in the way it always has.

Across the world, we now have a team of more than 1,800 dedicated staff in 20 offices, leading the Australasian and UK cloud accounting markets. By working closely with our customers, partners, and friends, we are dedicated to helping millions of organisations strive ahead through better tools, information and connections


Since Mountain Buggy’s founder first fashioned a seat for his old golf trundler in 1992, our brand has been a trailblazer in the all-terrain buggy category. Fast forward 20 years, and our values of innovation (and an adventurous Kiwi spirit) remain strongly rooted in an award-winning brand.

Fuelled by authentic customer connections, we aim to solve real problems for real parents, enabling families all around the world to live extraordinary lives without limit. An absolute ambition to drive forward, we have seen Mountain Buggy grow from one side of the earth to the other – to over 1000 retailers, in 40 countries.

For us, providing parents with products that deliver superior form and function, while maintaining a creative, iconic style is what sets Mountain Buggy apart… and to be doing it on a global scale, direct from New Zealand, truly highlights the power of a brand that inspires by connecting with real parents. Now that’s Kiwi as!


We love beer and the way it brings people together. There’s really little more to the worldwide growth of Yeastie Boys than that simple concept… and, of course, a healthy dose of Kiwi naivety.

We allow creativity to touch all aspects of the business (making mistakes and wonderful successes). Why do hops have to be the most famous flavour in beer, when earl grey could be even better? Why export water and packaging all the way around the world when we can simply tuck some hops (or tea) under our arms and brew it where we’re planning to sell it?

Many people think the true craft of making great food and drink is in the physical labour and picturesque sites (steamy brewery shots and misty vineyards really help drive this myth). However, in reality, it stems from the hearts and minds of people who care enough to make something that someone will love. People like us.

Hailing from Wellington, NZ, in 2008 (long before anyone knew this craft beer thing was going to be so big), we have since opened in the UK and Australia, growing more than five times since we moved offshore – all based on the simple idea of removing irrelevant shipping and providing better and fresher beer for your enjoyment.