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Words: Ozone Family

Coffee, people and business. And everything in between.

As a coffee company we get to build friendships with a huge variety of interesting & talented people who are embarking on new adventures every day. Sharing their stories in the form of our Journal is a creative opportunity for us to discover, learn and hopefully inspire.

Vol 1 Beginnings: THE POINT OF NO RETURN

In this issue we celebrate beginnings. Many of us nurture pet projects at the weekend, day-dream from our desks or day jobs, and challenge ourselves to discover and nurture an idea. Here, we consider what life and work have to offer in a changing landscape of small business and a generation of entrepreneurs. How does one grow ideas into sustainable businesses? When and how is culture created? And where does one find the mental strength to keep getting better? For us, relationships reflect the deepest core of our inspiration and motivation – a reason to get out of bed in the morning.


In this issue we seek inspiration from our community and explore the idea of ‘Motivation’.  From what gets us out of bed in the morning to saying ‘no’ to work which doesn’t excite us – we all share the existential desire to improve our lives and improve our circumstances. We interview entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, waitresses and coffee shop owners to find out what drives them to keep getting better.

As well as both Journals being available in print from our café and online shop, we are really excited to make these stories available in digital format too. But let’s face it – there’s nothing like picking up and smelling a fresh publication before sitting back with a coffee and feeling inspired by what you’re holding.