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What Gets Us Out of Bed

Lessons from the Ozone Family

Illustrations: Christy Oakenfull

Production Manager, UK

Courtney Snowdon

I don’t overthink it – I just do it. If I had thought about everything I was doing that day, I wouldn’t get out of bed for sure. Going to the gym, showering, brushing my teeth, talking to people, riding to work, putting on pants (not in that order) would all seem damn near impossible when I’m under the covers. I’ve somehow tricked my brain into putting these daily tasks into a little box until they’re already done. Stupid brain.

Barista Trainer / Client Manager, NZ

Ella Waterhouse

I pick the least intrusive alarm tone Apple has to offer, my favourite is Harp. This alarm tone starts off rhythmically charming, and then spirals into repetitive torture. But wait… put it on the drawers on the other side of the room, not accessible from the bed. It’s really fascinating how motivated I become to get out of bed then. I’m no sunrise-junkie or early morning exerciser, each morning is rushed but I always remember to feed my cat, and always lose my keys!

Head Technician, NZ

Jason Nalrn

I  live in a coastal suburb in New Plymouth, so for me, the biggest motivator is getting outside into the amazing nature and taking my two dogs out. I get my training done early in the morning.  I most often go for a run along the coast.  I race motorbikes a lot, but there’s nothing more special than the time on the beach running to sunrise. It sounds cheesy, but it’s good for my soul.

Dispatch Team Leader, UK

Kaz Grzesiuk

My motivation comes from my son, Jake. He is the reason I get up every morning. He is the reason I hold my composure when times are difficult. Being a full time mum and sustaining a full time job is not easy. My son motivates me to get my act together and take life seriously. He inspires me to pursue a high paying and emotionally fulfilling career. In his eyes, I am a superhero. And I refuse to let him down.