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Words: The Ozone Family



London is a radiant city for me. A dynamic metropolis – fast and vibrant. But never colourful enough. So when my friend sent me a photo of bright yellow Poler backpack with the simple message “Get it!”, it wasn’t that difficult to make up my mind. Together with my yellow hair, gloves, casquette, sometimes trainers, I like to think that I am the personification of “cycling joy”.  In short – the yellow rocks!



I love my OMM adventurer 20. It’s been up quite a few mountains but it also survives the London commute each day. It pretty much lives on my back and easily fits my laptop, with plenty of room for all my other bits and pieces. Granted, it’s not a “trendy” canvas satchel, but it is beautiful in its own way because of its versatility.  People call me ‘Dora the Explorer’ when I turn up to work, and I’m ok with that, cos my bag is better than Hers!



Since returning home from my travels in Europe I was inspired to make cycling my way of life.  During the first couple of weeks of cycling from home to work on the coastal walkway, I realized that handbags are not practical for such a hard out lifestyle! Hence the need for my Herschel. Its flat design aerodynamically hugs my back whilst committing itself to all my gear for the day’s adventures… from picnicking to beach days, she’s been a trusty one.


Shuttle & Loom

Backpacks rule the world. Well, mine anyway. Sounds superficial but let’s face it – they nurture all our bits and pieces while we are on the move and no matter what, they always have our backs. I tend to go minimal – and this Shuttle & Loom all black packer is perfection. I also went for this for the leather detail which will age beautifully and last a lifetime – because the thing is, a well designed backpack is forever and I love that one day I will hand this down to a little B.



I ride my bike every single day. I need something I can get all of my clothes in for work, as well as chucking all my groceries in that I pick up on my way home. London isn’t known for its consistent weather so getting something that doesn’t let the rain in was top of my list. It’s so useful; because it rolls down I can get so many things of different shapes and sizes in it. To my backpack – I thank you.