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  • Media Mogiana


  • Mundo Novo, Catucai, Yellow Bourbon


  • Natural


Falcafé are one of our most trusted and longest-standing sourcing partners in Brazil. Beyond managing Fazendas’ Santa Izabel and Monte Verde farms, Falcafé nurture the well-being of their producers and showcase the specific work they do through their Neighbors and Friends Program. In partnership with two important institutions in Brazil who work to promote the training of small and medium producers – SEBRAE and SENAR – the program focuses on specialty coffee production, best practice for post-harvest guidance, drying methods, cupping and marketing.

The Neighbors and Friends Program also offer various certifications including Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, with member producers needing to have at least one certificate of sustainability. The work of this program results in producers feeling empowered to raise their average income above the market rate, guarantees their investment in the quality of their own farms and above all, gives them the ability to provide for their families. We share the core belief in the value of meaningful, collaborative partnerships and proudly support Falcafé’s Neighbors and Friends Program with the release of this extra special micro-lot.


Region:Media Mogiana
Altitude:1260 masl
Harvest:May-September 2019


Method:Aeropress, inverted
Dose: 16g
Water: 240g / 90°C
Time: 2 mins