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Raspberry • Cocoa • Vanilla

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  • El Yalcon, Huila, Colombia
  • Kercha Sharo, Guji, Ethiopia
  • San Patricio, Palencia, Guatemala


Celebrating an Ozone Coffee seasonal tradition, we are proud to bring you the 17th Limited Edition Christmas Blend featuring coffees we have fostered close relationships with in Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Roasted medium, the blend is a sweet and balanced cup with berry notes, marzipan, cocoa aftertaste and a creamy, full body – perfect for your favourite brew method.

The design concept for this year’s Christmas Blend by London-based designer Alex Gyurkovicz is a metaphor for how the global pandemic has altered our view, changed our thinking and turned us. The box does not have the same orientation as previous years, just as we do not. The 2-0-2-0 numerals are fractured, stretched and blown out – just as time feels presently.

2020 has changed us.


Dose: 18g
Time: 25-29 secs
Yield: 45g


Method: Pour Over
Dose: 15g
Water: 250g / 95°C
Time: 3 mins