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  • Matagalpa


  • Yellow Pacamara

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  • Pulped Natural


This Nicaragua El Limoncillo is the latest coff ee in our Special Reserve series – an opportunity to showcase truly exceptional coff ees with limited availability. This particular coff ee from El Limoncillo is a Yellow Pacamara variety. A rare mutation means the Yellow Pacamara cherry turns yellow when ripe rather than the usual crimson colour. This coff ee is super juicy, boozy and sweet.The El Limoncillo farm is owned by the Mierisch Family. Erwin Mierisch and his children Erwin, Eleane and Steve, own and manage 11 farms across Nicaragua and Honduras. The Mierisch Family are committed to growing exceptional coff ee and achieve this through a mindful approach to environmental and social sustainability practices. Hydroelectric generators, powered by the waterfalls at El Limoncillo, create electricity for the farm and local community. There are 60 families living full time on the farm, who are provided benefi ts such as free meals, free healthcare and free child care. Workers receive training on subjects like family planning, nutrition and environmental practices.


Region: Matagalpa
Altitude: 1100masl
Harvest: January 2019

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Method: Pour Over
Dose: 15g
Water: 250g / 88 °C
Time: 3 mins