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  • Huila


  • Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Process Method

  • Fully washed
  • Sugar Cane Decaffeination


This coffee is from 23 smallholder farms of approximately five hectares each, in the La Plata area of Huila, Colombia. We are committed to this group of local producers – we have recently signed purchasing contracts with these farmers, strengthening our relationship and providing long-term security for growers. We asked the farmers what they thought we should call this coffee and El Yalcon was suggested as it is the indigenous name of the La Plata area.

El Yalcon has been decaffeinated using the natural ‘Sugar Cane process’. This involves the coffee being immersed in water with a natural organic compound that is found in sugar cane which extracts caffeine from green coffee. The whole decaffeination is processed at the Descafecol plant in Manizales, Colombia, ensuring the coffee doesn’t need to travel further than necessary.


Region: Huila
Altitude: 1600masl
Harvest: April – July 2020

Espresso Recipe

Dose: 17g
Time: 30 secs
Yield: 40g