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Berry fruits • Spice • Dark Chocolate

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  • Harar, Oromia


  • Ubutu Jirenya Cooperative


  • Ethiopia heirloom

process method

  • Natural, sun-dried


Superbly aromatic, this medium roast Harar exhibits very rich and complex flavours of dark cocoa, spice and delicious chocolate.
Ozone Coffee Roasters has roasted Ethiopian Harar from the Oromia Co-operative since 2006. Fresh crop time is always anticipated with this coffee origin. Harar can be stunningly aromatic, spicy, rich, sweet and floral, and always interesting.

Ethiopian Harar is a Dry Processed/Natural Processed coffee, meaning the coffee cherries are simply picked and put out in the sun to dry, fruit and all. This process, traditional in this dry, mountainous region of Ethiopia, amplifies the coffees fruit aromas and produces body and complex flavours.