Can I have 250g

Grind it for my Beans

Flavour Notes

Mandarin • Peach • Plum

Quantity - +

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  • Huehuetenango


  • Maragogype

process method

  • Washed, patio dried


Finca Buenos Aires has been in the family for 2 generations. Lety’s father, Leonard Perez, fell in love with Buenos Aires in the 1970s despite the farm being abandoned and in bad condition. The previous owner had recently passed away and the farm had 19 heirs! Given the state of the farm, Leonardo approached the owners and convinced them to let him manage the farm. After a few years, he purchased the farm. In 2009, he gave the farm to his oldest daughter, Lety Perez. Now her daughter Diana manages the farm, alongside her husband Hector who also fell in love with coffee through managing the farm. It inspired him to buy a farm of his own. Coffee sure is a family thing