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Nectarine • Toffee • Lime

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  • Beriti Village, Yirgacheffe


  • Ethiopias


  • Washed


This coffee is processed in the village of Beriti, located in the Gedeo zone region between the towns of Yirgacheffe & Gedeb. Small-holder farmers grow coffee along with their own food crops at very high altitudes in rich, fertile soil. The majority of Ethiopia’s farmers are smallholders and sustenance farmers, with less than 1 hectare of land apiece; in many cases, it is almost more accurate to describe the harvests as “garden coffee,” as the trees do sometimes grow in more of a garden or forest environment. On the day the coffee is harvested it is delivered to the coffee mill where the cherries are sorted for any that are over or under-ripe, then de-pulped, fermented, soaked, washed and then dried on raised beds for 7-14 days.


Region: Beriti Village, Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 2200 – 2300masl
Harvest: January 2019

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Method: Chemex
Dose: 30g
Water: 500g / 90 °C
Time: 4 mins
Serves two