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  • Bruselas, South Huila


  • Pink Bourbon


  • Washed, fermented 24 hours, dried on shaded raised beds


Pedro Claros grew up on his family farm. His father was a coffee producer and as soon as he could walk, he would follow his father around the farm watching him as he carried out his processes. Pedro saw everything with fresh eyes, and his exposure to farm life from such a young age has developed into a passionate career in coffee production.

Over time, Pedro has refined what he does and has found success as a coffee producer in his own right. He is now well known in his region and currently works hand in hand with Caravela’s PECA team to educate other producers in the area on ways in which they can improve farm processes, in order to ultimately produce better quality coffee.

Pedro’s family take an active role in the innovation on the farm. Pedro has inspired his family’s involvement, and unlike many other farms in the region, Pedro’s sons want to continue working on the farm to create something really special. Pedro is exceptionally proud of his family’s hard work, dedication and commitment to producing a specialty coffee that has caught the attention of roasters abroad. Pedro Claros works every day, involving himself in every step of his producing outstanding coffees, and for this reason seen as a role model for success in Colombian coffee production.


Region: Bruselas, South Huila
Altitude: 1735 masl
Harvest: July 2020

Aeropress Recipe

Method: Inverted
Dose: 30g
Water: 250g / 92 °
Grind: Coarse
Filter: Double
Time: 2:30 mins