Otis Oat Milk 1L (6 per box)

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  • 6 x 1L Cartons per box


New Zealand just so happens to grow the best oats in the world. It’s not official (there’s no oat Olympics) but our combo of rich soil, fresh rainwater and the right amount of sun gives us a world-beating oat crop. High fives all round.
So we wanted to turn all this goodness into a milk alternative that’s not only super healthy and mega delicious, but steams perfectly for coffee too. It’s taken us over a year of testing and tweaking, working with some of the best in the game, and we’re stoked about what we’ve come up with. And when you try it, we hope you will be too.
We believe in the old maxim, the simpler the better. Which is why we made our oat milk with just five New Zealand ingredients
Southern-grown oats, kiwi spring water, a drop of Canterbury rapeseed oil, a pinch of sea salt and calcium for healthy bones.
Strictly no naaaasties.