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Key Features

  • 4 pressure settings
  • Reusable - never buy filters again!
  • Perfect for travelers


Introducing the RGB (Reinhard Gold Blossom) Dial-type metal filter for the Aeropress coffee maker.

Constructed from stainless steel with an ultra-fine mesh filter, the RGB focuses on the relatively lower spectrum of pressure to reveal different coffee flavours and characteristics.

The filter is suitable for light to medium roast profiles, and with 4 different settings you can fix the pressure of the filter with the pressure fix gear that locks into the Aeropress filter holder.

Like the Aeropress itself, the RGB Filter has scope to experiment with flavour profiles and dial in different coffees to suit your taste.

We’ve been blown away with the results – highly recommended by the OCR crew!

Ozone Coffee Roasters are the exclusive NZ distributor for the RGB AeroPress Filter.