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  • Samaipata, Santa Cruz


  • Typica Organic, Java

Process Method

  • Washed


Finca Waliki is sourced through our export partners, AgriCafe and the Fincas Los Rodriguez family of farms – Waliki been one of 12 the family manages in the Los Yungas and Santa Cruz coffee regions of Bolivia. Waliki is the first farm AgriCafe experimented with 100% organic production of Typica and Java varieties. 

The results of the yields, quality and costs are analysed to see if fully organic farms are a viable option for Bolivian coffees. Being an exporter as well as a producer, AgriCafe understand the full process which helps contribute to a rich culture and learning environment within their community, and adhere to the highest quality standards.


Region: Samaipata, Santa Cruz
Altitude: 1500masl
Harvest: July 2018

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Aeropress: Inverted
Dose: 14g
Water: 240g / 89 °C
Time: 2 min