Work with us

Work with us


Our Family

Two decades deep, we’ve built a team of hospitality professionals – a family full of creative, driven and spirited individuals whose attitude and ideas have set us apart.

Today, we employ over 150 people, across four locations – roasters, baristas, chefs, machine technicians, marketers, sales teams… and even the odd accountant… (or bean counters, as well like to call them).

We survive and thrive on diversity. Your gender, family situation, music tastes, looks, who you sleep next to in bed, what football team you support… even if you’re a tea drinker… it all means nothing but everything at the same time.

Join us


The hospo industry has developed a bit of bad rep for taking advantage of its workers. But we’re here to break that mould.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term career, or just something short-term – we want to make sure Ozone is an inspiring and engaging place to work for all. A place that provides you with skills, enriching relationships and the opportunity to flourish.

Together, with you, we want to shape the future of our industry… working hard, achieving our goals and sharing in the rewards.

Oh, and did we mention free coffee all day, every day?!!