Coffee Sourcing

Our philosophy is centred around responsible sourcing. While certified coffee has its merits, to us building and maintaining direct relationships with our partners at origin is crucial to our success. 

We choose to work with select producers and farmers supplying the highest quality coffee, who have excellent sustainable practices and are socially responsible to their workers. We choose to pay premium prices well above the cost of production to make sure our relationships have longevity and are rewarding for all involved, giving you the best specialty coffee to experience.

Long term relationships

Our producing partners are our friends and key members of our extended global team. Our sourcing report showcases our transparency, traceability, and quality commitments. Read our sourcing report here.

Not just fair

The issues facing the specialty coffee industry and the world generally, will not be solved by individuals or single companies - but by shared goals, collaboration, and dialogue. Read our views on how the collective global coffee community can affect positive change.

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For the future

Relationships are a cornerstone of our coffee sourcing. Throughout Covid-19 and beyond, we have made a long-term commitment to our friends at origin to ensure they can sustain their livelihoods and provide speciality coffee that we know and love for years to come.

Coffee Sourcing Case Studies

As a specialty coffee roaster, we strive to have complete transparency across our supply chain. From farm to cup, we aren’t after the best deal. We source coffee responsibly and make it a priority to have representation locally where our coffee comes from. This allows us the opportunity to identify areas where we can have a positive impact.