Albeiro Granada

Juicy, bright red apple and orange flavours with floral honey notes, finishing with a cherry ripe chocolate bar aftertaste

Produced by Albeiro Granada at Finca El Cañal. This coffee is harvested following a strict ripeness criteria and exposed to a wet fermentation of 22 hours. The cherries are then pulped, gently washed and dried on concrete patios to the ideal moisture content

The Caturra variety originated in the renowned coffee state of minas Gerais in Brazil. It is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon The Caturra variety produces more coffee and it is more resistant to disease than Bourbon.

  • FARM / MILL: Finca El Cañal
  • REGION: Buesaco Nariño
  • VARIETY: Caturra
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • ALTITUDE: 1650 - 1750 masl
  • HARVEST DATE: July 2021
  • ROAST DATE: April 2022