Ana Sora

This stunning and super clean coffee comes from the Ana Sora farm, privately owned by Israel Degfa, a second-generation coffee farmer from Ethiopia. The farm is located at a dizzying 1900 and 2350 masl and is a relatively new farm to the region, having only been established in 2013. The farm is unique in many ways as it is unusual to find a privately owned farm of this size (250 hectares), and even more unusual to find a farm like this at such high altitudes. The benefit of the extreme altitude is that it helps with a slower maturation of the cherry, allowing more time for the plant to develop, and this contributes to the evolution of incredibly complex flavour profiles. This really is a classic washed Yirgacheffe that smacks of black tea, bergamot and lemon, with an abundance of complex citrus and floral aromas.

  • Region: Yirgasheffe
  • Variety: Indigenous wild varietals
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Altitude: 1900 - 2350masl
  • Harvest: December 2020