Cascavel Vermelha

The rattlesnake, known as Cascavel in Portuguese, gets a bad rap. Its reactive tendency to defend itself from all perceived threats makes it a frightening opponent. But it’s also essential to the coffee ecosystem. In addition to their beautiful markings, rattlesnakes eat rodents and other small animals. They keep these pests far away from coffee fields.

This coffee has been selected based on its fruity profile. In most cases, Natural processing often possess such flavours; however, this coffee may have some Pulped Natural contributions as well. Natural lots will be dried on large patios under sun, while Pulped Natural will be pulped and then laid to dry on patios. In both cases, the coffee will be raked and turned regularly to ensure even drying and a clean cup profile.

  • Region: Sul de Minas & Cerrado Mineiro
  • Variety: Catuai, Bourbon, Mundo novo
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 800 - 1110masl
  • Harvest: May - September 2022
  • Roast Date: February 2023