Estate La Suiza

Hector Zuniga has been producing coffee for more than 2 decades. In the beginning, he and his brother worked alongside his father, who is himself a lifelong coffee producer. As Hector started his own family, he strove to instil his passion for coffee in his own children who now, as adults, work with Hector on Finca La Suiza. Hector was motivated to shift to specialty coffee following the coffee leaf rust outbreak in 2011. In the midst of the outbreak, Hector saw the need to create new markets and cater to specialty producers. His dream is to create an even more sustainable and profitable model overtime. He focuses on adding value through a focus on high-quality cultivation and innovative processing.

  • PRODUCER: Hector Zuniga and family  
  • FARM / MILL: Finca La Suiza 
  • REGION: La Palma, Huila 
  • VARIETY: Castillo, Caturra 
  • PROCESS: Washed 
  • ALTITUDE: 1650 masl. 
  • HARVEST DATE: August 2023