Tolima was once considered a hostile region due to the FARC occupation. Because of this, ASOPEP encountered difficulties accessing finance due to the history of violence in the region creating the perception of a hostile place for investors. 

ASOPEP has been able to transform this reputation based on quality, reliability, and transparency. Instrumental to this shift was Camilo Enciso, a regional leader and an advocate for cooperative in the region. He facilitated partnerships between several Planadas cooperatives, leading to greater market visibility for the region and increased presence at trade shows and coffee events around the country. 

ASOPEP's focus has been on investing in productive partnerships, strengthening the organisation, and developing programs with young people in mind. ASOPEP runs workshops for young people in the region  

to gain skills such as cupping, Q-Grader certification and other areas of the specialty coffee industry.  
This is to create sustainable knowledge and empower young people to stay in the area. 

  • PRODUCER: ASOPEP Co-operative 
  • FARM / MILL: 175 small holder producers 
  • REGION: Tolima 
  • VARIETY: Caturra, Castillo 
  • PROCESS: Washed  
  • ALTITUDE: 1650 – 2000 masl 
  • HARVEST DATE: July 2023