Coffee farm at Llano Bonito de Naranjo, Costa Rica. Villa Sarch variety coffee tree is grown along with banana tree.

Don Peter is a coffee we bought whilst visiting our partners in Costa Rica. We buy a few coffees from the Sumava Mill, this one in particular stood out on the cupping table. Lorena Vindas is the woman in charge of the farmand has produced top lots that we are proud to be buying for the second year in a row.

Costa Rica represents around 1% of the global coffee production, but for a small country it packs a punch. Due to a diverse range of geographical and climatic conditions the coffee there has a wide flavour profile, particularly as you near the rainforest regions or up in the highlands.

  • Farm / Mill: Sumava mill
  • Region: Llano Bonito de Naranjo
  • Variety: Villa Sarchi
  • Process: White Honey
  • Altitude: 1700 masl
  • Harvest date: March 2021