Los Vientos

This week we make another visit to Finca Nejapa in El Salvador, Gloria Mercedes Rodrigues Fontan's farm.

The farm sits at an average altitude of 1,470- 1,570 metres above sea level, fully shaded by trees that help to maintain and preserve the crop and the surrounding environment. In addition to the trees' diversity, the farm is home to various wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. The farm is separated into 3 plots; Santa Marta, Roma and Los Vientos; this coffee comes from the plot of Los Vientos. Gloria inherited Finca Nejapa from her father, Jose Maria Rodrigues Herrera.

Gloria selects coffee pickers from her staff based on their experience, passion, and understanding of the requirements to obtain high-quality coffee.

Enjoy an excellent sweet chocolate mellow cup of coffee!

  • Farm/Tablón:Finca Nejapa, Los Vientos
  • Region:Ahuachapán
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1470-1570 masl
  • Harvest Date: March 2022
  • Roast Date: April 2023