Bella Vista

This week we are visiting another farm in Honduras!

Honey processed Catuai from Alex Ramon Ponce Rodríguez.

Carefully handpicked cherries when ripe after de-pulped the same day; then, the parchment is put directly on raised beds for around 22 days to dry. The parchment with the mucilage is raked every 30 mins using wood sticks; during the drying, the cherries are sorted by hand to remove defective beans.

Alex learned about coffee from his father.

In 2013 Alex's uncle offered him to buy a property in Cabañas, La Paz, where his family originates. After some thinking, he bought it with his saved money from his job at a clothing factory where he worked for 9 years. A year later, he planted coffee trees and started his own farm!

  • Region: Bella Vista, Alex Ramon Ponce Rodríguez
  • Producer: La Paz, Cabañas, Planes
  • Variety: Catuai
  • Process: Honey
  • Altitude: 1750 masl    
  • Harvest date: March 2022
  • Roast Date: April 2023