Paulo Sergio Lobo

Ouro Verde has aunique microclimate protected by its beautiful geography. The region is perfect to produce high quality specialty coffee. Paulo does soil analysis often and makes corrections only,if necessary,with organicfertilisation. Due tothis unique microclimate conditions and post-harvest handling details, his production reaches around 90% of specialty coffee. The post-harvest is focused on Natural Process and the drying phase is finished on patios and raised beds.

Paulo's grandfather was agreat coffee producer in Sao Paulo however Paulo had no professional involvement with coffee most part of his life. He graduated in Electronic Engineering and worked as an Information Technology professional. He used to say that by the 1970s computers were an absolute mystery. His interest for the coffee world came after he got married. His wife's family always worked with coffee, but only after his wife passed away that Paulo took over part of Ouro Verde Farm. Today Paulo dedicates all his time managing the coffee farm.

Since he took over the coffee farm management, a lot has changed. He focused on creating a controlled, clean and a technology-driven environment.

Most of the processes are mechanized at Ouro Verde Farm, which allows a reduced team to run the day-to-day activities. Today, four people work with Paulo. He incentives his employees to bring new ideas to improve processing and coffee quality using their own experiences. He combines their ideas with traditional techniques. For him, this is a modernity way to use the processes without loose the tradition.

  • Region: Ouro Verde    
  • Farm / Mill: São Sebastião do Paraiso, Minas Gerais
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1080 - 1200 masl
  • Harvest date: July 2020