Peru El Cedro

El Cedro has about 1 hectare of coffee and is located in Bomboca, a village in Colasay district in Jaen province. They have 200 trees of a local Bourbon, which is common in this area, and 1000 trees of Catuai. It’s a small family operation. The farm has a small beneficio with a mechanical pulper and a fermentation tank where Einer processes the coffee. Colasay is an area previously underdeveloped for coffee production, but there has been a lot of investment in recent years because of its untapped potential. We're very excited to taste more coffee from this region in the future! 

  • Producer: Einer Salvidar 
  • Farm: El Cedro 
  • Region: Colasay, Jaen 
  • Variety: Catuai and Bourbon 
  • Process: Washed 
  • Altitude: 1800 masl 
  • Harvest Date: June 2023