Waliki Washed

Waliki is a farm owned by Pedro Rodriguez, who’s family-owned business Agricafe is a company we work with to source most of our Bolivian coffee. This coffee has been handpicked and then processed at Pedro’s mill named Buena Vista. Having had control of each stage of the processing, the quality shows through as he can meticulously control every process and ensure the end result is what he and his family had aimed for.

They use a mixture of raised drying beds and mechanical driers at the mill in order to ensure even drying in the coffee. This is also to protect it from reaching above 40C which is crucial in order to dry coffee properly. After this the coffee is sorted both mechanically and via hand sorting under UV light, this ensures that defects don’t make it into the final cup.

  • Farm/Mill: Waliki
  • Region: Caranavi
  • Variety: Longberry
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1700masl
  • Harvest Date: May 2021
  • Roast Date: June 2022