Celebrating Women in Coffee on International Women’s Day

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Celebrating Women in Coffee on International Women’s Day

At Ozone Coffee Roasters, we have always strived to champion and elevate women across our entire business. We want to create an inclusive and equitable space for all people, regardless of gender, so that each person on our team has the space and opportunity to do great, impactful work they love.  

This International Women’s Day, we’re especially proud to celebrate the incredible women on our team and the immeasurable impact they have on our business and industry. From our passionate baristas, roasters and dispatch team, our talented marketing and wholesale specialists, our fearless leadership team—who show the magic that happens when women are given the chance to lead—Ozone simply would not be who we are without these women. 

The coffee industry is global and diverse and has historically been male dominated. A lot of progress has been made for and by women in coffee, yet there will always be more work to do to. At Ozone, we are proud to be part of the change for women in specialty coffee, not only on International Women’s Day but every day. 

We continue to hold ourselves accountable in several ways. We consistently source from exceptional women who are paving the way forward for great specialty coffee, like our most trusted and longest standing producing partners, the Mierisch family. The farm is affectionately named after Erwin, Stephen and Eleane’s late grandmother, Mina McEwan, a fitting tribute to an amazing lady. We’re also committed to implementing inclusive and thoughtful policies to hire and promote great female talent, and consistently reviewing internal and external data to ensure fair and equitable pay. 

From the producers we work with at origin, to those on our business and across coffee’s entire supply chain, women play a vital role in bringing you the perfect brew. We’ll continue to foster an inclusive space for women in our industry and build upon the work we’re already doing. On this International Women’s Day, we’re inspired and humbled by every woman who’s part of creating great coffee experiences for our community.