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Sourdough bread

Fermentation - We actively ferment foods at all of our eateries in order to reduce food waste, enhance flavours and promote good gut health.

Shredders - we protect our wholesale and customer orders by re-purposing cardboard and paper waste to create sustainable padding. Both recycled and recyclable, we want our deliveries to have as little impact on the planet as possible.

Sourdough - Like most people around the world, we're really into baking sourdough! Our Westmoreland Street sourdough starter, Ronaldo, produces beautiful bread and allows us to reduce packaging, food waste and deliveries. In our London eateries, any sourdough off-cuts are milled back into flour and used to make our sourdough gnocchi, further reducing waste and introducing new and exciting flavours to our menu.

Refillery - To offer our beans packaging-free, we have installed refillable bean hoppers at our eateries. Customers can either reuse their old coffee bags or bring in their own containers to achieve minimal wastage and maximum flavour!

Milk Juggler - Our milk juggler system helps us to reduce the amount of dairy milk packaging we use at our brew bars. A milk pouch holds 10 litres, compared to a plastic milk bottle which typically holds 2 litres. The pouches can also be returned and refilled, which results in roughly 330 plastic milk bottles being saved per eatery, per month.