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Gooseboard skateboards at Ozone
We first met Jared and Ryan when we landed in Auckland. We were new in town and wanted to connect with like-minded people in our new community, so we gave the Gooseboards guys a call and asked them over for coffee. Well - they had us at hello. Their creativity, craftsmanship, sustainable mindset and general attitude to life blew us away! After a few yarns we made friends, set a mutual goal to collab on some sweet projects together and our journey towards creating the epic Ozone x Goose Boards Pump Track was underway. 
There was a pretty quick realisation from all of us that we were going from what was a pretty chilled idea, sketched out on a piece of scrap paper over lunch at Ozone, to a mammoth collab project of scale. In retrospect, the concept was a little cray, a little ambitious, adventurous and out of the box – but who doesn’t love a challenge, right?

Our little team worked together to flesh out the idea, the design, the co-brand, the logistics and the materials. We built the track (which was more like constructing a small boat under the guise of a pump track), ticked off project milestones at the same time as 20-hour build days. Blind optimism, massive mahi and good coffee were the only things keeping us fuelled as launch day at Westmoreland fast approached.

Up it went to the sweet sounds of DJ Tito on the decks - slide, click, drill, pop, shuv. We knew it would work… It had to work, there was no turning back! One pump in and we were rolling! The air was filled with WHOOPS, ohhh YEAHS and many high fives from the crew! All was well. All was great. All was pumping! Pretty easy really, ha! It was all boom and shimmay from there as we hit the gas pedal from place to place to bring the track and the smiles to communities around New Zealand.