Giving back to our community with I AM HOPE

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Giving back to our community with I AM HOPE

This year's Christmas Blend celebrates giving back to our community. For every box sold, we'll be donating $1 to I AM HOPE to support their mental health cause for young people in NZ. We chatted with Tai from I Am Hope, about the work they do across New Zealand and how our donation can help support all the mahi they're doing.

Tell us a bit about the work I Am Hope do. 
Hey, I’m Tai, I’m the Youth Programme Development Manager for I Am Hope. I spend most of my days travelling around the country speaking to young people about the biggest problem in mental health today, like being an overactive inner critic. You’d never let anyone speak to you the way you speak to yourself. We normalise the conversations we have with ourselves on a daily basis. Encouraging young people that asking for help is normal, and that speaking to a counsellor is as normal as going to the gym.  

Why is it important to prioritise your mental health during the holiday season?
It’s a period where a lot of people have downtime, for many they’ve lost a lot, have faced many uphill challenges which have been unprecedented so taking some timeout for oneself is very important. Whatever gets you to your happy place focus on that. It’s an opportunity to reset and stay connected with the people that matter most.

How do the I Am Hope team celebrate a classic Kiwi Christmas?
We celebrate by enjoying time with our loved ones who continually back our relentless pursuit to keep our kiwi kids alive.

If people wanted to help/learn more, where should they go?
1737 is the best in NZ. It’s a 24/7 text or call service. For those under 25 to access free counselling services which we fund up and down NZ. Including online therapy available for those in more isolated areas.

If you're in the position to donate, please find more information here.