Meet The Kiwi Christmas Blend Illustrator

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Meet The Kiwi Christmas Blend Illustrator

From Tauranga, New Zealand, Cam knows all about a Kiwi Christmas and what makes them so special. His artwork showcases the fun and warmth of a Summer Christmas in Aotearoa, so we thought we'd ask for a few of his favourite things about Christmas.

Do you have any traditions around Christmas?
Cards! A classic game of Chicago Rummy, to be precise. I let my competitive nature out here a little more than needed.

What's your favourite Christmas memory?
I remember a great Christmas when I was a lot younger, and we had quite a few cousins come to town from all over. The sun was out, and the water guns were firing. We're talking super soakers and your classic water balloons. I think the water fight lasted a good few hours with capture the flag and just all-out free for alls.

What is one thing you must have on Christmas Day?
We always have a large amount of food floating around along with coffee (Ozone, of course) in the morning and then a few beers and wines in the afternoon. It's really about being together and enjoy the company around you.

How would you describe a Kiwi Christmas?
A relaxing sunny day is how I picture every Christmas being. The pre-Christmas days are also what I wrap up into the feeling. The enjoyment of the road trip home, the days you spend with your family & the warmer nights