Stay the course

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Craig Macfarlane Managing Director Ozone Coffee Roasters International

As an industry, excellence should not be lost on any of us. 2020 was a tough year, and more than likely 2021 will be similar, but we should not allow COVID-19 to limit our ability to challenge ourselves, or dictate our success and survival. Stand tall, take the reins, pause, reflect and lead by example to drive meaningful change.

Taking control of our pathway towards a greater good is a responsibility that we at Ozone Coffee takes seriously. Amidst copious ‘environmental’ variables, the need for flexibility, adaptability and sincerity has never been more paramount. Stay the course regardless, and rely on the extension of our Ozone Coffee community for intelligibility, enablement, illustration and honesty.

This years’ Journal demonstrates founding ideologies that are true to our philosophies and attitudes. I particularly enjoyed the articles from LNDR’s Joanna Turner, pinpointing the business challenges they face and their process to overcome. Food and Sustainability Consultant Ylva Johannesson’s article titled ‘Meaningful Change’ illustrates the heightened need for industry collaboration to encourage reconnection and to challenge the status quo. In this regard, Ozone Coffee and Hasbean Coffee are working to achieve B-Corp registration by mid-2021.

I am humbled by the sincerity of our motivation, and that of our communities, towards both sustainability and renewability. This is yet again endorsed by our decision to work with Norwegian design company Snøhetta, due to their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. And be sure to read ‘The Future We Choose’ by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac - a great example of stubborn optimism. If nothing else, the challenges of 2020/2021 require this of us all.

We’re all in this together - but nothing comes easy, nothing. 

Respect and gratitude for your support of what we do. We intend to make a positive impact across all three of our organisational pillars:
People, Planet, Profit.

Thanks for being in our world,

Best, Craig.

Craig Macfarlane
Managing Director
Ozone Coffee Roasters International