Ozone launches limited edition coffee in support of LGBTQ+ youth

Ozone launches limited edition coffee in support of LGBTQ+ youth

At Ozone, our mission has always been to create meaningful human connections, whether in our eateries or while visiting farms at origin. We are committed to making a positive impact in our community. This Pride Month, we are proud to announce the launch of a limited edition single-origin coffee in partnership with RainbowYOUTH, a charity dedicated to supporting queer, gender diverse, takatāpui, and intersex youth throughout Aotearoa who are in need of support and advocacy.

RainbowYOUTH - Empowering LGBTQ+ Youth in Aotearoa

RainbowYOUTH work across Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, and Wellington, providing young people with the support they need to thrive in the face of adversity. For many LGBTQ+ youth, coming out or being outed can result in significant challenges. RainbowYOUTH is there to offer support, advocacy, and safe spaces, ensuring these young people can navigate their identities in a supportive environment.

RainbowYOUTH’s services include support groups, information resources, advocacy, and events, all designed and led by youth. They understand that young people are the experts in what they need and want, and they ensure their voices are at the forefront of their efforts.

Introducing the coffee: Pride Edition: Cachoeira Bourbon

Discover our new limited-edition coffee from the Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama farm in São Paulo, Brazil. This exceptionally flavourful coffee features prominent notes of walnut and hazelnut, complemented by hints of soft brown sugar and a sweet, syrupy finish to balance. With each bag sold, Ozone will donate 50 cents to support RainbowYOUTH's mission, making every cup you enjoy a contribution to a great cause. Shop now

Why this matters to us

At Ozone, we understand that being part of the community means standing up for those who need it most. Supporting RainbowYOUTH aligns with our values of inclusivity and community support. We are committed to using our platform to raise awareness and funds for the LGBTQ+ youth community, who are facing some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable.

The challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth can have devastating effects, especially for those who are already marginalised. RainbowYOUTH's work is essential in ensuring that these young people have the opportunity to live in safe and supportive environments, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Ozone is committed to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion within our workforce. As a business, we strive to build a diverse, inclusive, and supportive culture of respect, fairness, and opportunity. We are dedicated to ensuring our workforce truly represents our communities and that each employee feels respected, represented, and embraced. We do this not to tick a box or because there is commercial value in diversity, but because it is simply the right thing to do.

How you can help

Supporting this initiative is simple. By purchasing our Pride Edition coffee, you are directly contributing to the support services provided by RainbowYOUTH. Additionally, we encourage you to learn more about RainbowYOUTH's work and consider making a direct donation. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ young people.

For more information about RainbowYOUTH and how you can support their mission, visit their website at https://www.ry.org.nz.

Thank you for your support.

Big love,
Team Ozone x