Meet the team

  • Amanda Waters

    Fulfilment Manager

  • Ashleigh Banks

    Project Manager

  • Carl Moore

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dean Lewis

    Head Chef, Westmoreland

  • Ed Hughes

    Graphic Design Manager

  • Fran Newman-Day

    Graphic Design Coordinator

  • Holly Philipson

    Assistant Cafe Manager, King Street

  • James Gilling

    Production & Fulfilment Supervisor

  • James Mazey

    Account Manager

  • Jiri Kulik

    Executive Chairman

  • Lizzie Gurr

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Louisa Page

    Commercial Director

  • Michael Stevens

    Account Manager

  • Midori Fujimoto

    Digital Manager

  • Patrick Watson

    Eatery Manager, Westmoreland

  • Paul Newbold

    Head Roaster

  • Sally Evans

    Head of HR

  • Sheldon Pritchard

    Head of Wholesale - NZ

  • Sia Matturi

    eCommerce Coordinator

  • Steph Noble

    General Manager