Dora Lilia Muñoz

Juicy watermelon and raspberry notes with caramelised red apple Medium bodied with a long pleasant finish.

Dora Lilia has been growing coffee for over 25 years. She started producing specialty coffee 4 years ago. Dora used to have 30,000 coffee trees at her farm, although due to low prices during the past ten years these days she only has 10,000 trees at her farm. Dora started working with Cofinet in 2020 and with the micro-lot premiums obtained, she is now planting another 10,000 trees at her farm.

  • Farm/Mill: La Virginia
  • Region: La Union, Nariño
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1500-1850 masl
  • Harvest Date: october - December 2021
  • Roast Date: April 2022