Fazenda Sertão
The Sertão farm is located at 1100 – 1450 m.a.s.l in the municipality of Minas Gerais, in the southeast region of Brazil, and is owned by Jose Isidro, a second-generation coffee farmer. 

Sertão farm has an average annual temperature of 18°C. Coffee trees are planted on the top of hillsides with slopes of up to 50%, which is an important measure to avoid frosts. Frosts are common in the region during winter, and they can affect the health of the crops. This planting technique also provides a more uniform ripening process and protects against fungal infections due to lower relative humidity. José Isidro studied dentistry – an occupation that he practiced for a couple of years during his early manhood. When his mother died, the destinies called him back to Carmo de Minas, as he was the only heir of the land where Fazenda Sertão is located.  
This Red Bourbon was carefully selected by the sorting team and then was dried on a patio for 72 hours until reached the ideal moisture content.