The Mbilima Washing Station is part of the Dekundekawa Musasa Cooperative, and built to support farmers who were further away from their first Washing Station at Ruli. It now processes coffee from 459 mostly female smallholders.   The cooperative has been able to help provide basic support for its families. The smallholders who contribute to Dekundekawa have been able to buy their own livestock, have access to long term credit without interest and many now have health insurance for the first time. The cooperative has also built two schools and contributes 10% of its profits to the construction of new washing stations.

A complex cup with lime marmalade, sweet lemon and caramel notes. This coffee has a moreish brown sugar sweetness that opens up as the cup cools.

  • Region: Gakenke
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1600 - 1700masl
  • Harvest: September 2020