Limoncillo Ethiosar

We've been roasting Ethiosar from Limoncillo for a few years now, and it comes from the hard work of the Mierisch family and their cousin Ricardo. He owns a farm near to Limoncillo, but at a much lower altitude of 800 metres above sea level. Ricardo noticed that his yield and his plants were suffering and that they seemed to be becoming more susceptible to disease. He put this down to growing issues in Nicaragua, a change in climate, increased rains and his low altitude. But from experiments he was running on the farm, he noticed that this newly-spliced varietal he had put together was thriving. It was fruiting much more than the other plants and was not suffering.

The varietal, Ethiosar, is a stable hybrid plant. It's a cross of an Ethiopian variety (Sudan Rume) with a Sarchimor (a cross of a Villa Sarchi with a Timor variety). The offspring of this plant is then crossed once again with a Villa Sarchi, which is an improved Caturra / Bourbon from Costa Rica.

  • Farm/Mill: Finca El Limoncillo
  • Region: Yasica Norte, Matagalpa
  • Variety: Ethiosar
  • Process: Pulped Natural
  • Altitude:  1,200 masl
  • Harvest: March - April 2023
  • Roast Date: October 2023