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Words & Photogrpahy: Ozone Fam

Rubies in the Rubble fights against food waste by repurposing fruit and vegetables that don’t make it to the supermarket shelves. They take the produce that would otherwise have gone to waste and transform it into delicious relishes, chutneys, vegan mayos and ketchups.

Currently, one third of all food produced is wasted, often simply due to it being the wrong shape, size or colour, or through imbalances in the supply chain. Unbelievably, this uneaten food represents 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions – add to that the fact that up to 40% of crops never reach the shelves, and we have a major food waste epidemic on our hands.

The Rubies team know that the time is now for us to start re-framing our attitude to food, and to start treating it like the precious resource that it is. For every 100kg of product that Rubies sell, they save about 9500 tomatoes, 2200 onions, 1100 apples and hundreds of bananas, pears and cucumbers from going to waste. We reckon that’s pretty inspiring.